Prosoft-Systems Strengthens Its Position in the Russian Industrial Controller Market

10 July 2019

Prosoft-Systems presented the trends in industrial automation at the 19th International Exhibition Neftegaz 2019, which took place in Moscow from April 15 to 18. The company's specialists showcased the latest hardware and software packages for controlling process equipment and power supply automation. They also conducted a number of business meetings with representatives from oil and gas companies, engineering enterprises and system integrators.

Prosoft-Systems has been participating in the Neftegaz exhibition since 2008. This year, the company's booth presented equipment and software for:\process automation at oil and gas enterprises;

  • Power supply automation at oil and gas enterprises
  • Vibration control (digital explosion-proof devices)
  • Vibration control for rotary equipment
  • Time synchronization

Prosoft-Systems specialists spoke in detail about the functional characteristics and experience of implementing the REGUL programmable logic controllers, the flagship line of equipment for process automation. It is represented by the R600 and R500 series PLCs—high-performance solutions for creating fault-tolerant and distributed process automation systems—and the R400 and R200 series PLCs, designed for local process automation systems operating in harsh conditions. 

As part of the REGUL RX00 PLC family, the company serially manufactures all I/O modules necessary for building process automation systems, such as connection modules for resistance temperature/thermoelectric temperature transducers, AI and AO modules with HART protocol support, and many more. After analyzing their many years of experience in equipping hazardous production facilities, company experts determined the next stage in the development of the REGUL PLC line was to create a specialized controller for emergency control systems. They also presented the concept for the REGUL R500 Safety PLC at Neftegaz 2019. It provides SIL3-level support while retaining the integration capabilities of the REGUL R500 PLC modules. Thanks to this feature, the REGUL R500 Safety may be used in the future at high-risk facilities with continuous process cycles.

"We always try to demonstrate as many developments as possible at Neftegaz," says Anton Makarevich, the senior application engineer of the industrial automation department at Prosoft-Systems. "For example, this year, in addition to the REGUL R500 Safety concept, we are presenting the AlfaRegul hardware and software package, a symbiosis of top-level visualization and control. In the future, we will offer the market a full-fledged platform for automating any technological facility, both in terms of process control and power supply. We are working very actively in this area now."