Prosoft-Systems takes Vologdskaya CHP blue flame natural gas "Into account"

30 June 2014

In May, work on the creation of an automated gas metering system, produced by Prosoft-Systems, was completed at the CCGT Unit-110, combined cycle gas turbine unit of the Vologdskaya CHP. All the works were completed on a turnkey basis, starting with the pre-project preparation and ending with the commissioning into commercial operation.

According to the design, the automated gas metering system unit includes: stop valves, meter runs, measuring instruments, communication lines, data collection server and chromatograph workstation. All equipment is located in the building of the gas treatment station (GTS).

In order to obtain quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the gas, an EMIS-ESKO measuring complex, which includes an industrial gas chromatograph model 700 (Daniel), has been installed.  All data collection and archiving is carried out through Prosoft-System software products—the automated gas metering system software and the SplitOPC Server software.

The data is transmitted to the automated gas metering system data collection server via wire channels using industrial protocols and the Ethernet through the communication gateway. Data transit to the automated control system hardware and software package of the Vologdskaya CHP and to the control center of the natural gas supplier is carried out over fiber-optic communication lines.

The automated gas metering system is characterized by its reliability and durability. The wide range and high precision of its measurements optimize technological processes at the enterprise. At the same time, the measurement error of natural gas consumption is less than 1%. The absence of moving parts subject to wear not only ensures the stability of the measuring complex's metrological characteristics during operation, but also reduces the cost of equipment maintenance.