Stable power supply of northern caucasis seems to be so close

15 July 2015

In the mountains of Dagestan, on the banks of Avarskoye Koysou, Gotsatly Hydro Power Plant is being developed. The said facility is considered to be the forth hydropower station in the republic. Last week the engineers of “Prosoft-Systemy” have finished their commissioning works due to putting into operation emergency automation complexes MKPA-2. It is shipped to the facility three electrical cabinets with the terminals MKPA-2. The set equipment is aimed to be used as elimination of asynchronous mode (ALAR) at high-voltage lines per 110 kV from Gotsatly HPP to the sub-stations “Gergebil”, “Khounzakh” and “Gotsatlinskaya”. Regarding the use of ALAR function, the units of MKPA-2 may provide secure control of asynchronous passage onto controlled connections and form control activity to divide electric power net to incoherent circuits. 


MKPA-2 are integrated into ACS TP of the station with equipped automated operating position (Workstation of a protection engineer to browse and archivate working out oscillograms.

Gotsatly HPP starting is considered to be utterly important for Dagestan, as the said region is included into scarce power system of Russian south. High-quality and smooth operation of the station will allow to increase stability of energy supply in mountain area and provide people with electricity.

Nowadays MCEA-2 and MCEA complexes made by “Prosoft-Systemy” are successfully used at many HPP’s of our country, namely Zeya, Boureya, Zhiguly, Votkinsk, Nizhnekamsk, Tsymlyansk, etc.