The company “Prosoft-Systems” has performed the delivery of equipment to PERMerm TPS

17 May 2017

The company "Prosoft-Systems" has completed its comprehensive project due to equipping Perm TPS-13 with the emergency control system on overhead lines as per 110 kV.

The customer of the project was Perm branch of PJSC "T Plus", due to which needs the entire complex of activities regarding emergency automation has been executed: designing, manufacturing and delivery of equipment, construction and installation and commissioning works due to "Automation of equipment overload restriction (AOPO) of overhead lines as per 110 kV, Kamskaya HPP-CHPP-13 1,2 chain from Permskaya TPS-13 ".

As part of Perm TPS-13 reconstruction, the company's specialists have installed, connected, tested and commissioned the cabinet with two MKPA-2 terminals. This update of the emergency automatics is designed to ensure the normal operating mode of the overhead line, and in general, to improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of Perm electric networks.

It is necessary to add that in Perm TPS-13 much attention is paid due to reliability and safety. "Prosoft-Systems" automated control system meets all the requirements of its partners.