The new Verkhnetagilskaya power plant has been equipped with «Prosoft-Systems» hardware

30 November 2017

Due to "Inter RAO-Electrogeneration" company order, Steam and Gas Unit (SGU)-420 MW automation project, which includes creating automated electric energy metering systems and TIES ASO, has been executed by "Prosoft-Systems".

In the summer of 2017, Power Supply Unit No. 12 was put into commissioning at Verkhnetagilskaya power plant. Within the project framework regarding development of SGU-420 MW by "Prosoft-Systems" Ltd. ( Yekaterinburg), the company was responsible for  establishing Technological Information Exchanging System for Automated System Operator TIES ASO) and automated electric energy metering system for retail energy markets (AIMS CEA). The company's specialists performed their complete set of activities, including designing, equipment supplying, installing, starting-up and adjusting works, and project's commissioning. They also tested the equipment and metrological certification of accounting systems regarding regulations of power and electricity wholesale market.

To develop automated electric energy metering system and TIES ASO systems, versatile, flexible controllers of ARIS ARIS-mt200-mt200 (D50-TE) and ARIS CS-H2 kind, and own software ARIS SCADA and "Energy sphere 8" are used. Controllers are easy to be configured regarding specific object needs and support open data transfer protocols so that they can be integrated into other hardware.



An important part of TIES ASO of new power unit has become  Wide area measurements systems (WAMS), which allows, on the basis of vector measuring, to obtain more detailed information regarding parameters of Unified Power Supply System (UPSS) arising from technological violations or accidents, and thereby to improve overall security of UPSS. In order to implement WAMS function at Verhnetagilskaya SRPP, synchronized vector measuring devices TPA-02,  time synchronizing devices ISS-1, synchronized vector data hub (server cabinet) and digital sensors UNC-2 for synchronized measuring of generator's excitation system parameters were supplied and installed.

To perform functions of emergency automation, 7 ΜKPA cabinets were shipped. Two cabinets of those are installed onto Main Control Panel (MCP), another five into BMC (Block-Modular Construction) at Open Switchgears (OSG)-220 kV. ΜKPA cabinets installed onto MCP have their automation functions to eliminate asynchronous mode (ALAR/AFEAM) of Fire Extinguishing Unit within Block 12, Automated Unloading of Prolonged Shortcuts (ARZKZ/AUPSCs) of 110 kV and Overvoltage protection Equipment (AOPO/OPE) OHLs of 110 kV. Five other ΜKPA cabinets installed onto BMC have their  functions as following: Two ΜKPA cabinets - Automatic for Asynchronous Mode Liquidating (ALAR/AAML) of gas-turbine unit (GTU) of Block 12, Automated Unloading of Prolonged Shortcuts (ARZKZ/AUPSCs) 220 kV, one ΜCPA cabinet - Frequency Divisor Automation (FDA) of Block 12, and two ΜCPA cabinets - Overvoltage protection Equipment (AOPO/OPE) OHLs of 220 kV.

Due to cooperation with "Prosoft-Systems" company, the customer has received its domestic solution meeting modern requirements of System Operator (SO) and Federal Grid Company (FGC) of Unified Power Supply System. In doing so, manufacturing company has been able to ensure the turnkey project implementing and all tasks accomplishing within short period of time.