TPA-02 proved compliant with industry standards

22 September 2020

TPA-02 phasor measurement unit developed by Prosoft-Systems was recognized as conforming to the technical specifications of Rosseti PJSC and recommended for use at facilities of Rosseti PJSC's subsidiaries. The device successfully passed a series of tests and thus confirmed that it met the approved functional requirements and industry standards as to reliability, measurement capabilities, and other parameters.

The TPA-02 is intended for measuring, recording, and archiving parameters of steady states, transient responses, and emergency processes in power facility equipment.

The TPA-02 has the following functions: 
- phasor measurement with normalized measurement errors under static and dynamic conditions 
- syncing with global navigation systems
-  generating a phasor measurement data frame at every preset time point
- transmitting phasor measurement data under protocol C37.118-2-2011
- including the UTC time stamp in every phasor measurement data frame
- transmitting phasor measurement data to two or more recipients 
- recording and transmitting discrete signals.

By means of the built-in software, the device not only carries out its main functions, but also performs fault recording and self-diagnostics. This software is used to receive and configure set points, receive current value data and emergency process data. It allows handling parameters in real time and handling terminal parameter files autonomously; also, it enables parametrization and exporting of charts.

The TPA-02 was tested for compliance with Rosseti PJSC's requirements according to the approved performance testing procedures. According to the certification commission opinion, the device is recommended for use at facilities of Rosseti PJSC's subsidiaries in moderately cold climate (UKhL 4). The opinion will remain valid for 1 year and can be extended.