Zhambyl TPP steam turbine fully redundant control system built based on the REGUL R500 PLC

06 May 2021

In April, turbines K-200-130 of power units 3 and 4 of Zhambyl TPP named for T.I. Baturov (Kazakhstan) with an upgraded electric-hydraulic control system were brought into operation. The electric control section is based on the REGUL R500 programmable logic controllers manufactured by Prosoft-Systems Ltd.

Zhambyl TPP is the cornerstone of the power generation industry of South Kazakhstan. First unit-type power plant in the republic, this TPP is one of the most potent in the region. Today, Zhambyl TPP ensures stable power supply to South Kazakhstan consumers and covers the deficit of electric power that occurs in southern regions during fall and winter.

During the project, the existing mechanic-hydraulic control system of the steam turbine—barely manageable and heavy—was replaced with the electric-hydraulic control system based on the electric control section. Thus, the hydraulic part turns much simpler, securing higher quality of control.

The electric control section on last-gen REGUL R500 PLC is a system with 100% control equipment redundancy. REGUL R500 controllers support not only redundancy of the CPU and data bus, but also hot swapping of input-output modules.

Supervised installation and pre-commissioning of the electric-hydraulic control system at Zhambyl TPP were carried out by the specialists of integration company PromAvtomatika LLC (Saint Petersburg).

To date, the brand-new electric-hydraulic control system has successfully passed the set of tests to prove its compliance with current performance requirements for steam turbine control systems established by the System Operator.