Energosfera® software package can be applied to implement different types of energy resources smart metering systems:

  • SMW - SM system for WEM (wholesale electrical energy market);
  • SMR – SM system for REM  (retail electrical energy market);
  • SME - SM system for E&H (enterprises and homes).

Smart metering systems (SM system) is designed for providing fiscal and technical metering of various types of energy resources for economic entities: large enterprises and factories, housing and utility management companies, etc. 

SM system based on Energosfera® software package (Fig. 1) ensures metering and control of produced, distributed and consumed electricity and heat, cold and hot water, various gaseous carriers, fuel oil, etc. The system performs automated data acquisition from metering units, data processing and long-term storage in the data base, calculations, generation of reporting documents, transmission of prepared data to support reporting and planning functions activities of the company; it reflects metering data in different forms – mnemonics, tables, graphs and logs.

Thanks to application of Energosfera® software package for creating the SM system and its subsequent integration with dispatching, monitoring and control systems of the company (MES, EAM, ERP), it is possible to find integrated solutions for a number of typical energy management tasks:

  • custody transfer metering of energy resources;
  • real-time control of operation of the equipment and emergency analysis; 
  • electricity quality analysis in accordance with the effective regulatory documents; 
  • imbalance control;
  • loss calculation; 
  • maintaining of data bases of reference information for installed measuring systems (metering devices, measuring transformers, flow, pressure and temperature sensors);
  • use forecast of energy resources; 
  • planning of utilization and repairs of the equipment;
  • analysis of specific energy consumption per product; 
  • standardization of energy consumption.

Experience has shown that the payback period of investments into the SM system ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 years, while integrated use of this system by companies reduces energy intensity of the production by 10-20 %.

Fig. 1