With the focus in the oil & gas industry shifting from exploration to optimizing current operations, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units come forward in increasing efficiency of the oil transfer and providing more accurate accounting, collected at the SCADA level.

The system is an improved-accuracy fiscal metering system for LACT units, able to measure, compute, and store data on oil:

  • • Volume
  • • Quality (density, viscosity, humidity)
  • • Flow
  • • Pressure and pressure drops
  • • Temperature

The system is made of a PLC (R600, R500, or combination of R400 HMI with R200 modules), high-accuracy analog input modules (AI 08 041 or AI 02 041) with just a 0.025 % margin of error, and a specialized I/O module with integrated algorithm for LACT units (DA 03 011/DA 01 011). The use of the latter modules ensures calibration unit control and the reception of the signals from flow meters in a timely and accurate manner.

To the system could be connected external devices, like a printer, for example, via USB ports, monitors via VGA (R600) or DVI (R500) interfaces on the CPU modules.

The entire visualization process for the system is implemented in one project together with the preset functions. All the information from the REGUL RX00 controllers is communicated to the redundant servers and to the LACT unit workstation. The system could be connected to most major SCADA systems available on the market. When using R200 I/O modules, additional protective seals could be added, to protect against unauthorized module replacement.