This gas turbine control system was developed on the base of REGUL R600 PLC. There are 3 racks with redundant power supplies. All the signals used in the turbine technological protections are connected to different modules, installed into different
racks to exclude failure for a common cause.

The system monitors technological parameters of the turbine and controls valves for fuel and air supply, exhaust gases, and direction of distributor.

Application cycle time – 20 ms.

All signals, used in the emergency shutdown systems of the turbine, were connected to separate modules, installed into separate racks, to exclude failure for a common cause.

The MS5002E turbine has two axles. Operating frequencies of the axle rotation – 6000 and 7000 RPM. Due to this, there are 2 turbine rotations/power regulators and two overspeed trips. For this were installed 6 frequency sensors on the turbine
(three on each axle).

Frequency counters were connected to DA 03 021 modules of REGUL R600. These modules measure frequency over 3 channels for the regulation functions and have built-in overspeed protection.

.MS5002E (mark vie) gas turbine control system