Apart from building smart energy metering systems, SP Energosfera can be also used for creating full-scale power quality monitoring and control systems (PQMCS).

Power Quality Monitoring System Energosfera ensures automatic acquisition and long-term storage in the data base of various power quality indicators (PQI): frequency and voltage deviations, voltage asymmetry coefficients in a 3‑phase network, harmonics coefficients of current and voltage, short- and long-term flickers, parameters of instantaneous voltage change, etc. Acquired information is accumulated in the data base as current values, averaged values in common intervals as well as results of PQI statistical analysis for long periods (days or weeks).

Power quality control can be implemented as an additional subsystem within Smart Metering System Energosfera or as an individual, standalone Power Quality Monitoring System. A typical structure of Power Quality Monitoring System Energosfera® is shown in Fig. 2.


  • Power quality (PQ) control of facilities according to a GIS map
  • Integral evaluation of PQ according to a set of objects
  • PQI control for compliance with the preset standards as per IEC 50160:2010
  • Monitoring of current power quality indexes values and electrical network indicators (ENI)
  • Analysis of voltage and current vector diagrams, automatic diagnostics of emergencies (incorrect phase connection, absence of voltage in energized condition, etc.)
  • Trend analysis of current and mean values of PQI and ENI in time
  • Generation of measuring result protocols
  • Analysis of duration of power outages
  • Power quality evaluation based on the data of energy meters
  • Support of Satec-175PM, BINOM-334i and as PQI measuring devices
  • Automated parametrization of PQ control devices reading/recording of rated and nominal power quality indexes values)

Structural diagram of Power Quality Monitoring System Energosfera