Monitoring turbo-generators for state of vibration and mechanical parameters, and providing timely diagnostics and notification of the operators are important for anticipating failures of the units and improving stability of their operation.

The system, developed by engineers of Prosoft-Systems, connects to the sensors of mechanical parameters via secondary convertors. The converters send output signals of instantaneous values and unified 4…20 mA signals.

Signals with instantaneous values connect to the system’s computer with the multi-channel ADC and Vibration Monitoring software that calculates and charts data for the diagnostics of:

  • Harmonic parts of the vibration
  • Rotating parts of the vibration
  • Low-frequency vibration
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Surges of values of parameters
  • Coefficient of vibration amplitude

Unified outputs of the converters are connected to a REGUL controller. In the controller are implemented all the protection and blocking algorithms, comparison of parameters with setpoints and notification on the overruns, forming of relay signals to an alarm and protection system.

To provide the required availability of the system are used two CPU modules of REGUL controller, redundant bus connections, redundant power supplies, and signals in the protection part are connected to different I/O modules.

A touch panel is installed in the cabinet for the configuration of setpoints, setup, masking, calibration of the channels, and for visualization of the selected parameters.

Functional scheme of Turbo-generator Vibration Monitoring System

Functional scheme of Turbo-generator Vibration Monitoring System