Wide area measurement system (WAMS) is one of the most actively developing technologies in the world`s power sector, which is based on the new quality of information that system is able to provide.

Wide area measurement system (WAMS) and wide area measurement, protection and control systems (WAMPACS) take monitoring and control functions to a completely new level. Russia is developing and rolling out its own wide area measurement system.

Lately a wide area measurement system that uses the synchronized vector measurement of a power system`s mode is being actively developed. Having a WAMS allows to obtain more detailed data on steady-state power system operating mode and transients, which arise due to various power system malfunctions or failures. Therefore more and more facilities of the united power system are being equipped with phasor measurement units.

The active adoption of WAMS is being promoted by the engineering policy implemented by the Russian system operator of the unified power system within the context of development of a WAMS for the unified power system, which results in elaboration of new requirements on phasor measurement units, new algorithms for analyzing the phasor measurements, and an increase in the number of parameters to be registered and analyzed.

Prosoft-Systems offers a complete WAMS solution which complies with all existing requirements. It includes a phasor measurement unit, generator excitation system`s parameters measuring unit, and a phasor data multiplexer. All system components are time synchronized via GPS/GLONASS receivers that form part of the delivery scope (Fig. 1).

Prosoft-Systems also takes part in the various events devoted to the promotion of WAMS technology, and to this end closely cooperates with System operator of Russia, pertinent research institutes, and other manufacturers of WAMS devices.

Figure 1.
Diagram of a Wide area measurement system

Diagram of a Wide area measurement system