ARIS EM45 energy meter is intended for measuring and multi-rate metering of active and reactive power, keeping of arrays of load power profile with programmable integration time (including power losses accounted for), registration of maximum power values, measurement of parameters of three-phase network and power quality parameters with data acquisition according to IEC 61850-9-2LE.

It is used as an element of Smart metering system "Digital Substation".

Main functions

  • Reception of up to four IEC 61850‑9‑2 LE 80 streams or 256 reports per period
  • Multi-rate metering of active and reactive energy with direct and reverse action and four-quadrant reactive energy
  • Tariffless energy metering taking into account the active and reactive losses in power lines and power transformer
  • Active energy measurement accuracy class – 0.2S, reactive energy accuracy class – 0.5
  • Measurement and calculation of over 80 secondary electrical parameters in a three-phase four-wire network
  • Maintenance of three independent load profile arrays for energy and power with different averaging intervals 1‑60 minutes and safekeeping period of up to 150 days
  • Pricing: 8 rates, 12 seasons x 8 types of days
  • Calculation of power quality parameters according to IEC 50160:2010
  • Alarm signaling and self-diagnostics
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Time synchronization via NTP, PPS, PTP
  • Assignment of time stamps with an accuracy of 1 ms
  • Keeping and presentation of event logs

Power quality

  • Generation of ready-to-use dailypower quality indexes reports according to IEC 50160:2010
  • Measuring of PQI according to IEC 61000‑4‑30:2008 Class S
  • Calculation of harmonics and interharmonics according to IEC 61000‑4‑7
  • Real-time curve shape monitoring, simultaneous recording over 6 channels of four periods with a sampling rate of 256 points per period

Additional capabilities

  • Alarm signaling and self-diagnostics
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver (optional)
  • Support of PRP redundancy protocol
  • 5.7" LCD screen
  • 12‑button keypad
  • Not equipped with any fans or moving parts
  • Built-in web-interface

Communication ports

  • 2x100‑BaseTx / Fx for process bus
  • 2x100‑BaseTx / Fx for station bus
  • 4xRS-232 or 8xRS-485 (optional)

Data transmission/reception protocols

  • IEC 61850‑8‑1 (MMS and GOOSE)
  • IEC 61850‑9‑2 LE (SV)
  • IEC 60870‑5‑101
  • IEC 60870‑5‑104
  • Modbus (RTU/ASCII/TCP)
  • CRQ
  • SNMP
  • https, FTP
  • OPC UA

Control functions

One optional output module for 8 digital signals


  • Visualization of data for each stream and their sum
  • Viewing ofevent log
  • Setting basic parameters
  • Setting upand installing additional modules

Power supply

  • 120 - 370 VDC and 85‑265 VAC
  • 18‑36 VDC


  • Frame size 3U (Euromechanics)
  • 269x134x242 mm (WxHxD)

Operating temperature range