ISS-2 is a full-fledged time server fitted into a 19” rack and is intended as a comprehensive solution to time synchronization issues.

Main functions

  • Reception of signals from global navigation satellite systems such as GLONASS and GPS time synchronization of devices connected over Ethernet under NTP, SNTP protocols
  • Generation of precise time signals in one of the following forms: 1PPS, IRIG-B, IEEE 1344, 10 MHz, NMEA
  • Up to 28 synchronization signal outputs
  • Redundant power supply
  • Indication of operating mode
  • Self-diagnostics, including continuous antenna monitoring (failure in antenna connections and short-circuits
  • Warm start mode: reduction of satellite search time and synchronization time in case of a unit`s fixed location
  • Digital outputs for alarms and warnings signaling
  • Configuration management via a web-interface

Global navigation satellite system`s signal receiver type

32-channel reception module of standard accuracy (support for GLONASS and GPS), L1 range

Antenna type

3–5 V rated, active GPS/GLONASS L1 antenna. 26–40 dB amplification, BNC connector

Average time until synchronization is achieved

cold start (location is not defined and is not fixed)

up to 2 min

warm start (without change in location)

up to 30 s

hot start (loss of signal without power supply loss) up to 20 s

Time signals outputs

types of BNC output interfaces BNC (TTL, 50 Ohm), RS-232, RS-485, optical fiber (ST 850 nm MM), digital output (ОК 250V DC), Ethernet(10/100Base-TX)
number of output interfaces 2 to 28
number of Ethernet output interfaces 2 to 6
output signals format IRIG-B000…IRIG-B007, IEEE 1344, 1PPS, 10 MHz, NMEA 0183 – RMC (on RS-232, RS-485)
synchronization protocols NTPv4, SNTP

Accuracy ratings

absolute accuracy of time synchronization relative to UTC ±1 μs
accuracy of time synchronization relative to UTC, at confidential probability of 0.95 ±200 ns
accuracy of autonomous storage of internal time scale ±5 ms/day
10 MHz output signal`s frequency stability (at t = 100 s) ±15*10-9

Power supply

DC supply voltage range 120–370 V
AC supply voltage range 100–260 V
power consumption up to 20 W

Operating conditions

operating temperature range -40...+55°C
relative air humidity 90% at 30°С
atmospheric pressure 460–800 mm Hg
enclosure protection category IP50 as per IEC 529-89


metal enclosure with DIN-rail mounting bracket  
overall dimensions (WxHxD) 482х324х44 mm
weight up to 5 kg