The sonar system is used for measuring the water depth under the vessel bottom and for controlling the bottom relief when maneuvering in harsh conditions and moving in waters of low or unknown depth.

The sonar system is a set of highly-integrated submersible altimeters that measure the water depth through determining the delay time of ultrasonic pulses (ping) emitted and received by acoustic transformers.

From the sonar system, data are transmitted to the DACS. By using special software, one can visually control the bottom relief on the display.

The sonar system is anchored by high-reliability submersible altimeters ISA500 protected against harsh environments for operation in river and sea water.

Altimeter ISA500 uses the sonar technology for measuring the distance.

Operating by default at the frequency of 500 kHz, the device uses a broadband composite converter integrated with a high-power electronic digital signal processing unit. The union of cutting-edge technologies allows the device to work at long distances preserving superior accuracy and stability. Frequency, impulse duration, and emitter power may be adjusted to achieve the highest possible accuracy.

All altimeters ISA500 can be configured with the help of dedicated software. The settings are set on the display and then saved to the sensor's flash memory. All data displayed by sensors can be viewed on the single display or split between several displays. The software helps link sonar signals to the GPS/GLONASS signal.

Acoustic Parameters

Frequency 500 kHz (400...600 kHz)
Measurement Range 0…120+ m
Resolution 0.1 mm
Radiation Angle 6° cone, 500 kHz

Communications and Power

Digital RS232/RS485
Analog 0..+10 V or 4..20 mA
Data Uninterrupted or By Request
Data Update up to 10 Hz
Power Supply =24 V, 51 mA


Submersion Depth 1,000 m
Running Temperature -45…+85°C
Storage Temperature -45…+90°C

Sonar System