Prosoft-Systems offers a wide range of engineering services and does a complete scope of jobs pertaining to management of sophisticated facility automation projects, including as follows:

  • Integration of complex projects
  • Designing of objects and systems
  • Equipment producing and delivery
  • Construction and installation operations
  • Commissioning works
  • Bringing to trial operation and commercial operation
  • Customer staff training
  • Warranty and past-warranty service

Customer can follow his order processing at any stage: the company develops and approves individual order time schedule. Professional supervision is carried out for each project stage.


During selection and procurement of additional equipment, materials or software, specialists of Prosoft-Systems:

  • Prepare list of vendors carefully using professional criteria, their reputation, cost and quality
  • Take into account technical and economic customer`s requirements
  • Provide complete package of documents and certificates
  • Deliver equipment to object
  • Carry through turnkey complex implementation

Our company provides the entire complex of design works during designing of the objects and systems. The complex includes:

  • Expert evaluation of existing projects
  • Detailed analysis of the customer`s desires
  • Comprehensive pre-project inspection
  • Preparing design specification
  • Development of custom solutions
  • Development design estimation documentation
  • Coordination and approving of design documentation in control authorities
  • Designer supervision

Prosoft-Systems also has a prolific cooperation with the institution of engineering designers, construction departments and organizations.

The company:

  • Offers qualified support in preparing of the design documentation
  • Offers required document package of the documents
  • Provides constant specialists training courses for project organizations and companies developing systems on the basis of Prosoft-Systems hardware and software.

For equipment producing our company provides:

  • Complete production cycle
  • Automated production planning in accordance to the delivery schedule
  • High-technology equipment for the workshops and storehouses
  • Multistage quality control
  • Tests appliance for each stage of technological process
  • Possibility of the customer`s personal attendance during equipment producing and testing

Prosoft-Systems offers all types of construction and installation operations by its own facilities and with subcontractors participation:

  • Mounting or supervision of mounting of equipment on-site
  • Subcontractors participation (if it is necessary)
  • Ensures supervision, acceptance and confirmation of deadlines and quality of completed construction and installation operations made by subcontractors.

Our specialists carry out a complete complex of commissioning operations on-site:

  • Equipment adjusting, adjustment supervision, and preparation of equipment for commissioning
  • Accomplish jointly with customer general technical and technological control of works completeness and quality
  • Prepare technical and commissioning tests reports after operations are completed

Installed and adjusted equipment on-site is passed to customer in trial operation for that:

  • Test program and methodology should be approved
  • Equipment tests and its operation should be checked
  • All of remarks found at the stage of pre-delivery tests should be eliminated and fixed

Equipment is passed to customer after completeness of commissioning and trial operation period:

  • Acceptance tests complex should be carried out in the presence of acceptance committee
  • Report of acceptance tests and acceptance certificate to commercial operation should be processed before commissioning
  • Elaboration of a complete set of as-built documentation for the equipment being handed over and its transfer to the customer

Prosoft-Systems offers service of metrological certification of measuring systems in accordance with actual regulations.


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