Engineers from Prosoft-Systems are expanding their expertise

19 April 2018

The expert staff at Prosoft-Systems are adding to their professional know-how and actively sharing what they have learned. In March, the company held its traditional annual conference, devoted to its latest innovations in electronics and programming, and in April Prosoft-Systems took part in the DUMP-2018 (Development, Usability, Management, Practice) IT conference in the Urals.

The conference for developers from Prosoft-Systems was established in 2011 with the goal of allowing the company's personnel to share their cutting-edge professional experience. The conference addresses current issues and the prospects for the development of equipment to automate energy supply and process workflows, software and hardware bundles, data acquisition and transmission devices, and systems for smart revenue metering and automated emergency control.

The engineers discuss the challenges facing the company, suggest ways to use teamwork to resolve technical difficulties, talk about their most important projects, and submit reports that are of great scientific and practical value. About 150 people gathered this year to share their ideas and present their achievements in the field of circuit engineering, programming, and instrument engineering.

The conference attendees spoke about the development of technical solutions that are relevant to Prosoft-Systems. They learned about the process of creating mobile apps included into the Energosfera software suite, acquainted themselves with the outlook for generating electricity from solar power stations, delved into the finer points of using computer-aided learning and neural networks in the field of biometric identification using the veins of the palms, and much more. The competitors gave their presentations to a critical assessment by the staff from the scientific and technical community at Prosoft-Systems, and in accordance with tradition, those who offered the best presentations received awards from the council of experts.

On April 13, a team of 30 engineers from Prosoft-Systems visited DUMP, the largest IT conference in the Urals. This group of expert personnel learned about current trends while attending workshops on software testing and design and discussed technical innovations in the organization of neural networks and information security. New professional connections and contacts with colleagues from other fields were certainly formed as a positive result of the experience sharing.