Microprocessor automation system for industrial rain and wastewater treatment (IRWTP) created on the basis of the Regul R600 PLC

15 July 2016

Engineering company Prosoft-Systems has developed and implemented a Microprocessor automation system for industrial rain and wastewater treatment plants Microprocessor automation system for industrial rain and wastewater treatment plants (IRWTP) at a line operations dispatcher station (LODS). The basis for the technical solution was the REGUL R600 programmable logic controller. This is a modern, high-performance PLC, which is used in the construction of complex and critical systems of process control system in harsh environments.

REGUL R600 controllers control the IRWTP operation parameters, as well as automatically control and protect the equipment. Operational control and management of the IRWTP is carried out from both a stand-alone operator workstation and from the operator's control board. The PLC communicates with the operator's workstation, the operator's board and the upper microprocessor automation system via a redundant Ethernet network using the Modbus TCP protocol.

To ensure excellent reliability, a "hot" redundancy of the modules in the PLC REGUL R600 central processing units and power supply modules was applied when creating the system. The system's high fault tolerance was achieved due to duplication of the controller's internal bus based on EtherCAT technology, which has a "ring" topology. In addition, by using special means, the system is protected from parasitic signal guidance, impulse noise, overvoltage and the secondary effects of lightning.

The specialists at Prosoft-Systems have completed the full scope of work on  implementing equipment at the facility, including the design development and operational documentation, manufacturing and supply of the equipment, configuration, and commissioning. Staff also trained in the principles of working with the system directly at the facility. Today, the IRWTP on line operations dispatcher station is functioning normally.