New small time server developed with NTPV4 and SNTP support

24 July 2018

Prosoft-Systems specialists have expanded the ISS series of time synchronization devices with a new, small-sized time server mounted on a DIN-rail. The ISS-1.3 server is designed to resolve time synchronization problems in conditions of limited placement.

ISS-1.3 receives signals from the GLONASS global navigation satellite systems and GPS, synchronizes time using the NTPv4 and SNTP protocols, and also generates the standard time signals in 1PPS, IRIG-B, IEEE 1344.10 MHz formats. As with other devices in the ISS family, the life span of the ISS-1.3 is 25 years with a working temperature range from -40 to +60ºC.

ISS-1.3 is used as a signal source for the Universal Time System (UTS):

  • at digital substations
  • in automated systems of measurement, control, signaling and management at power facilities that supply organizations and consumers with electrical energy
  • at power generation and transmission facilities
  • in wide-area measurement systems (WAMS)
  • in other areas where equipment must be synchronized

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology confirmed the metrological characteristics of the ISS-1.3 (Certificate of the State Register of Measuring Instruments under 71235-18).