Prosoft-Systems brings new REGUL R100 PLC

27 April 2021

Engineering company Prosoft-Systems Ltd. expands the line of programmable logic controller REGUL RX00 and presents a 2021's new item developed by Russian engineers, REGUL R100 PLC. The controller and its features will be demonstrated at the 20th International Exhibition NEFTEGAZ 2021. 

REGUL R100 PLC is an all-in-one device that combines the functions of field equipment and a programmable controller and is used for developing automation systems for the oil-and-gas and other industries. This PLC is intended for remote and distributed data collection. With that, REGUL R100 can serve either as a standalone unit or jointly with other controllers of the REGUL RX00 family.

REGUL R100 PLC supports hot swapping of active units—without interrupting the process. Resistant to electromagnetic impact, the controller meets the performance criterion A for high degrees of rigidity.

Among other key features of REGUL R100 are independent power supplies for field devices with the enhanced galvanic isolation (up to 5 kV). Besides, REGUL R100 modules can be fitted with built-in spark protection barriers and surge voltage protection devices (SPD).

What makes the REGUL R100-powered PCS flexible is a wide range of modules, including support of HART, NAMUR, digital output signals with PWM, and circuit continuity control.


As Anton Makarevich, Chief Product Implementation Engineer for the Department of Industrial Automation of Prosoft-Systems Ltd, noted, "The REGUL R100 PLC helps reduce the number of components deployed in the automation cabinet. Though modules support only 1-2 channels, this allows us to significantly amplify the data capacity of each cabinet (up to 600 channels per cabinet side). And since the field cables are connected directly to the terminal block of the controller during assembly, it hugely facilitates installation and further maintenance. All this contributes to lower costs and shorter time frames of design and assembly of automation cabinets and simplifies on-site commissioning."