Prosoft-Systems completes integrated automation of two power plants in the Kaliningrad Region

06 February 2018

The new TPPs are equipped with emergency control automation equipment, a process data exchange system with system operator, a fault recording system and a transient mode monitoring system (WAMS). A smart electricity-metering system was created at each station, allowing them to work on the wholesale energy and power market.

Kaliningrad Generation LLC put two new thermal power plants into operation in the first quarter of 2018: Talakhovskaya TPP in Sovetsk and Mayakovskaya TPP in Gusev. Each facility consists of two gas turbines with a total capacity of 156 MW. These new resources ensure the energy security of the Kaliningrad region and makes its energy system more flexible. JSC INTER RAO — Electric Power Plants is managing the construction projects.

Prosoft-Systems specialists offered almost identical integrated solutions for the automation of new TPPs. In addition to supplying the equipment, the company completed installation and commissioning, as well as participated in the comprehensive testing of the generation facilities.

The emergency control system of Mayakovskaya TPP includes:

  • MKPA cabinets with equipment automatic overload protection functions;
  • MKPA cabinets with automatic load shedding of power plant and under-frequency islanding functions;
  • Cabinets with MKPA-2 terminals with automatics for liquidation of asynchronous operation (ALAO) functions;
  • AVANT K400 receipt-transmission devices for relay protection and emergency control; and
  • Emergency telecontrol cabinet.

Similar equipment was supplied to the Talakhovskaya TPP, as well as additional MKPA cabinets with the ALAO function.

Systems of process data exchange with system operator, fault recording system, and WAMS were also created at the facilities. Each station received two RES-3 digital fault recorders to measure current, voltage, power and frequency, as well as record oscillograms from fault modes.

WAMS hardware and software package provides transient mode monitoring and data transmission to Severo-Zapad IDO WAMS automated data acquisition system for further analysis. Three TPA-02 synchronized vector measurement devices and one vector data collection concentrator (VDCC) were supplied to Talakhovskaya TPP.

The process data exchange system with system operator created by the Prosoft-Systems engineers transmits data to the system operator about currents and power at the connections, signals indicating the position of switching devices, and signals about the triggering or failure of relay protection and emergency control devices.

The smart electricity-metering system of both stations was built on the basis of the ECOM-3000 data collecting and transmitting devices. The hardware component includes six automation cabinets. Energosfera 8, a multifunctional software package, represents the upper level.

Prosoft-Systems arranged metrological certification of the equipment and fully prepared automated system of energy resource record-keeping to enter the wholesale electricity and power market. Kaliningrad Generation LLC specialists have been trained to work further with the software independently.

Thanks to the cooperation with Prosoft-Systems, the customer received an integrated solution for power generation systems (process data-exchange system with system operator, WAMS, fault recording system, SIPS) from a single supplier. This approach allows the project to implement more quickly, provides better manageability, and also made it possible to reduce the capital costs.

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