Prosoft-Systems increases production capacities

26 March 2015

On the eve of its 20th anniversary, the engineering company Prosoft-Systems launched a new multifunctional manufacturing complex located in an area of more than 10,000 square meters.

It housed all the units required for: an automated line for surface mounting printed circuit boards, a site for bulk installation, a metalworking and electrical installation shop, areas for configuration and testing, and warehouses of components and finished products. There is also a reserve of space for expansion in the future.

The equipment stock includes the most modern high-tech installations. The launched automatic surface-mount line provides high-precision soldering of a wide range of components (from 01005 casings to BGA microcircuits). At the same time, it produces more than 200,000 modules annually.

The use of innovative conveyor equipment—KIHEUNG loader and unloader, the printer for applying EKRA solder paste, the installer for the MYDATA SMD elements, the TSM reflow furnace, and the MIRTEC automatic optical inspection—ensures the highest quality installation and minimizes human error.

During the complex's construction, the best practices of Russian and foreign companies were taken into consideration. Large investments were made to  provide the areas with air conditioners. Microclimate parameters are continuously monitored in all production areas. The use of an automated temperature and humidity monitoring system not only improves the quality of manufactured products and production efficiency, but also it provides an opportunity to better control working conditions in the workplace.

The launch of these new capacities will give a three-fold increase in the volume of manufactured automation equipment for the energy, oil and gas industries and more. Now, the company is in a position to produce more than 5,000 terminals and over 3,000 electrical cabinets per year.

You can find more detailed information in the "Production" section.