“Prosoft-system” introduces crosscutting system of traceability in manufacturing

12 May 2016

In spring of 2016 the engineering company “Prosoft-Systemy” has added its equipment stock of manufacturing complex, having set in the workshop of printing circuit boards assembly the modern laser marker Kiheung (Korea). The new equipment may provide the tracking of manufactured products full production cycle. 

Using laser marker, every board is provided with its unique code to be used later in the system of production control. The whole range of technological operations is fixed in the program as well as name and full name of the performer, etc. Whilst the code is being read, one may notice the history of every manufacturing stage of the board: since the moment of its marking up to the moment of its installation onto the unit and its shipment to the customer. 

As Prosoft Systems Ltd. Executive director Sergey Averin notices: “Use of laser marker for the printing boards is considered to be important step to introduce the system of utter traceability of manufactured products. Every stage of an order fulfillment is open and accessible for our clients. Nowadays we aim to create completely clear technological process of the products manufacturing.”

It is planned soon to optimize manufacturing processes – to substitute SMD-components installer and to run second automated line of surface mounting.