«Prosoft-Systems» provided the turnkey equipment for the data-processing center of the Smolensk TPP (a subsidiary of Unipro PJSC)

27 March 2018

After the completion of this project, the server room of the data-processing center at the Smolensk TPP now meets all the latest requirements for data centers.

This comprehensive project, which was ordered by the Smolensk TPP (a subsidiary of Unipro PJSC), included a full spectrum of work to update the IT infrastructure, from developing working documentation to launching the systems into operation.

For example, the tasks included the final finishing and decorative work for the server room, and the installation of a raised floor, cable trays, and a structured cable network. Systems were set up to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, lighting, precision air conditioning, and ventilation. An internal network of water-supply and wastewater-disposal lines were put in. To ensure the safe operation of the facility, the following systems were installed: access control, security and fire alarms, fire alert signals, and automatic fire extinguishing.

Based on the client's needs, the expert staff at «Prosoft-Systems» selected and installed equipment at the facility from the world's leading manufacturers — APC, RIT, Legrand, Emicon, Bolid, and Linder Group.

•	Prosoft-Systems provided the turnkey equipment for the data-processing center of the Smolensk TPP (a subsidiary of Unipro PJSC).

As a result, a high-tech, modern data-processing center was readied at the Smolensk TPP for the installation of the server and network equipment. Consolidating the computing resources and data-storage media at the data-processing center will make the IT infrastructure more efficient to own, because this will optimize the use of the hardware, while also improving the equipment's fault tolerance and minimizing the risk of disturbance to the workflow.

The competence of the skilled staff at «Prosoft-Systems», in addition to the company's own expertise, makes it possible to meet the tightest deadlines while creating up-to-date, highly reliable infrastructure for data-processing centers, meeting any special requirements in regard to the reliability and safety of the equipment, including any that is located in the data-processing and dispatch centers.