Prosoft-Systems specialists have started work on creating a commercial metering system for natural gas at the PJSC ENEL OGK-5 branch of sredneuralskaya TPP

25 January 2010

Prosoft-Systems specialists have started work on creating a commercial metering system for natural gas at the PJSC ENEL OGK-5  branch of sredneuralskaya TPP

In the 4th quarter of 2009, an agreement was signed for the reconstruction of gas metering nodes on the existing gas pipeline to the gas turbine expansion station (GTES) and the gas pipeline under construction to CCGT Unit-410 of the Enel branch of OGK-5 Sredneuralskaya TPP.

The work is being carried out as part of the investment project to construct the power unit.


Prosoft-Systems will perform the full range of turnkey operations at this facility to reconstruct the commercial gas metering stations (CGMS):  the design work, equipment supply, construction and installation work, launching and commissioning of the Automated Natural Gas Commercial Metering System (ANGCMS).

The implemented metering system is an effective tool for quickly detecting and preventing emergency situations (leaks, equipment failure) in the gas pipeline system. The system accurately processes the data on the measurements of the parameters and gas composition (the expected relative error of the CGMS is 0.4% or less), and it automatically performs a prompt data transmission to the control room on the state of the equipment during emergencies.

In addition, implementing the ANGCMS provides the opportunity to see a real, accurate picture of gas consumption in On-Line mode. It also efficiently and accurately performs the balances for gas distributed within the region and delivered via the main pipeline.

According to specialists, the return on the metering system's implementation is estimated to be three to five years, thanks to an annual savings of 10–15%.

Considering the customer’s specifications (the relative error should not exceed 0.5%), the entire system is built on RMG REGEL+MESSTECHNIK GmbH (Germany) equipment—USZ 08 DU 700 mm ultrasonic meters and the PGC 6000 gas chromatograph.

Installing a gas chromatograph will optimize the process of calculating natural gas in a short period and with low operating costs.

The primary feature of this type of meter is the auto-calibration system in operating conditions, meaning checks take place continuously. There is no need to stop the gas pipeline, empty it of gas and perform a “classic” dry calibration, which significantly reduces the time and cost of calibration.

The ANGCMS “upper level”, based on the KS hardware and software package, will account for all the features of the Sredneuralskaya TPP system and facilitate the transmission of gas consumption data to the gas supplier.

Currently, the first stage of the work is finishing. At this stage, specialists are working to coordinate and approve the design and getting approval for the design documentation.

Starting February 01, 2010, Prosoft-Systems will begin construction and installation work on the CGMS of the existing gas pipeline DN 700 running to the GTES. This unit is scheduled for commission in July 2010. At the same time, work will take place to prepare the CGMS for installation at CCGT Unit-410. The CGMS at CCGT Unit-410 is scheduled to begin commercial operation in October 2010.