Prosoft-Systems' Training Centre Adds New Equipment Operation Courses

25 March 2019

ProSoft-Systems is expanding its selection of courses on how to work with the equipment and software solutions the company produces. It regularly expands and adds to the capabilities of its devices, releasing new solutions annually. With the appearance of these products on the market, there is a corresponding need to train customer personnel to effectively adjust and operate them. At present, the Training Centre offers programs in 16 subject areas. They acquaint specialists with the latest achievements in automation and help them consolidate the skills needed to work with innovative equipment.

In 2018, more than 500 people completed courses on adjusting and operating ProSoft-Systems equipment. Participants include technical specialists, service engineers, operating personnel, design engineers and integrators — all representatives from leading energy and industrial enterprises in Russia and CIS countries. Training Centre classes are led by the company's senior engineers. Instructors focus on practical components and help resolve specific technical problems relevant to a given enterprise.

Anton Vuylov, Senior Industrial Engineer of the Surgut-2 TPP electro-automation shop,

"We have been working with ProSoft-Systems since 2007, and our facilities have had UPAE Electric Power System Node Integrity Protection Schemes installed since 2013. Technology today is changing and that requires learning new skills to do our jobs well. The experts at ProSoft-Systems' Training Centre put together an individual training process for us, created the conditions and a model that meet our company's particular requirements, and examined specific algorithms and situations. So I can say with confidence that this training was one hundred percent effective."

In 2019, the company introduced training courses on Smart Grid management as well as how to adjust and operate the Redkit software package used to create automation information management systems at energy and industrial facilities. In addition, Training Centre students can get familiar with the functional specifications of the REGUL RX00 controllers, discover the technical nuances of power supply equipment and power system protection, and much more.

Prospective learners can fill out the application and complete training in the area of their choice throughout the year.

Find more information on current courses in the Training Centre section