Qualitative and accessible training is considered to be uninterruptable part of “Prosoft Systems” customers service

16 December 2016

2016 was marked for the company "Prosoft Systems" with important events in the field of customers training. Its new modern training center has been opened, as well as the list of courses has been expanded and the procedure for filing and processing applications has been improved.

Within 2016, more than 500 students attended the training course at “Prosoft Systems”. They are technical specialists, operational personnel, designers and integrators from more than 350 leading energy and industrial enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.

Nowthat the list of courses includes 10 permanent thematic blocks. Each program, regarding the release of new devices, the expansion of existing product lines and the implementation of new integrated solutions, is regularly updated and supplemented. The training duration is set as 3-5 days, depending on the chosen program.

The training center includes several modern, fully equipped classrooms. Up to 50 people can study in the center simultaneously. Wherein, the number of students per each group does not exceed 10-12 persons, thus, it allows the trainer to give due attention to all participants, taking into account their individual wishes and solve specific problems each student may meet within the course. As part of the classes, students also independently perform practical tasks, which are considered to be obligatory component of each training.

Trainings are carried out using special laboratory stands simulating the actual operation of equipment at the facilities. The stand includes the equipment being developed and produced by the company, as well as other manufacturers furnishing and systems.

So, the training center is equipped with its complex stand that represents full-fledged implementation of ARIS software and hardware-based complex automated process control system at the abstractly configured station. This is the set of devices and software developed by the company “Prosoft Systems”, as well as original furnishing of various Russian and world manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, and etc. Using such stand, students are enabled to operate the equipment of the created station "in person" and notice the devices of “Prosoft Systems” activated in real conditions.