Regul R500 PLC approved for use in the European market

14 September 2018

The REGUL R500 programmable logic controller has confirmed its compliance with European Union Directives in the Field of Technical Regulation. Inspection association TÜV NORD GROUP, the expert in technical auditing in more than 70 countries, has recognized that the controller meets international standards for electrical equipment and is suitable for us in the European market.

The  European Union Directives has recognized the REGUL R500 PLC for its compliancy with the following: European Union Directives: 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility and 2014/35/EU on low-voltage equipment. Certificates valid until September 9, 2023, confirm the equipment's status.  According to the documents, using the REGUL R500 for the implementing automation systems at industrial facilities does not create electromagnetic interference. It also ensures the consumer's safety during installation and operation.

Certificate validity period for 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility: 09.09.2023
Certificate validity period 2014/35/EU on low-voltage equipment: 09.09.2023