Tatarstan Experts Discuss Use of Prosoft-Systems Equipment at Digital Substations

23 April 2019

Prosoft-Systems has completed a series of partnership events timed to coincide with major events happening in the field of energy, energy efficiency and resource conservation in the Volga Federal District. From April 10 to April 12, the company's specialists presented advanced solutions for power grid digitization at the International Exhibition “Energy. Resource Conservation.” Also in April, technical meetings were held to discuss the use of Prosoft-Systems Ltd. developments for digital substations and digital RP/EC communication channels at power facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Prosoft-Systems specialists conducted a technical meeting for the specialists of Grid Company OJSC to analyze typical structural diagrams for digital substations. The event was attended by Ilshat Fardiev, General Director of Grid Company OJSC, representatives from technical services and the testing laboratory for smart systems, as well as managers and leading specialists from the technical marketing and R&D departments. Prosoft-Systems presented the features of implementing and operating digital equipment and also described in detail the advantages of using manufactured devices. Among them is their ability to integrate with equipment from other manufacturers, which opens up considerable possibilities for maintaining substations.

As part of the 20th International Exhibition “Energy. Resource Conservation” and the Tatarstan International Forum on Energy and Resource Efficiency, representatives from ProSoft-Systems shared their experience in implementing modern engineering solutions in the manufacturing process. A round-table discussion was held for the specialists from key electric power enterprises on the use of ProSoft-Systems' communications devices at power facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan. They raised the issues of migrating from digital communication channels to a digital multiplexed RP/EC network and the Tatarstan power system’s readiness to implement digital communication technologies. The event was attended by leading experts from the ES, RP/EC, SDT, and SSU departments of the JSC SO UES branch of the Tatarstan RDC, Grid Company OJSC, JSC Tatenergo, EnergoZashchita LLC, OOO Energo-Razvitie IC, and more.

Evgeny Makarov, Prosoft-Systems Senior Programming Engineer of the Energy Communications Department, spoke about using the AVANT K400 to execute routing commands on ring circuits. He says,

“We set short-term goals for transitioning from high-frequency RP/EC communication channels to digital ones, and our long-term goals were to use modern data transmission technologies to construct the communication networks that meet the needs of relay protection automation. Representatives from the Grid Company summed up the outcome of the event. They noted that Prosoft-Systems solutions for high-frequency digital RP/EC communication channels would undoubtedly be in great demand at Tatarstan power facilities.

During the exhibition, Prosoft-Systems presented advanced solutions for digital substations and digital power distribution zones at its booth at the Kazan Expo Center. Specifically:

  • Eequipment for 6-35 kV digital bays
  • Equipment for digitalizing 110-220 kV connections;
  • Equipment for digital metering
  • Equipment for mid-level digital substation
  • Receipt-transmission device cabinets that comply with FGC UES PJSC standards

Prosoft-Systems also gave an interactive presentation of end-to-end solutions for digital power distribution zone and SMART GRID systems. The Grid Company demonstrated ARIS 2308 6-35 kV multifunctional relay protection and automation terminal and the multifunctional ARIS 2803 controller for creating systems of smart electricity-metering, telecontrol, and automated systems of energy resources technical record-keeping at its booth.

In addition, Ilyas Khusyainov, Head of Prosoft-Systems R&D Department for System Solutions, took part in the discussion organized by the Grid Company, “Electric Network Digitalization”. The expert spoke about the technical features of the new 6-35 kV multifunctional relay protection and automation terminal. At the moment, this device is undergoing trial operation at PS-8 in Nizhnekamsk and at the smart system testing laboratory of the Grid Company OJSC. The test results will determine the future prospects of joint projects to ensure quality power supply in Tata