Quality and reliability


Production quality and high services level are one of the priority goals for Prosoft-Systems. The company has all required licenses for its production and activity. The company has its own testing centre that consists of three up-to-date laboratories:


Accredited by the Federal Accreditation Agency. The laboratory performs investigation and certification tests of commercial products for principal types of environmental effects:

  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (21 types of tests for noise immunity, 4 types of tests emission)
  • resistance to weather effects (–70 to +180°С with a relative humidity of up to 98 % for a volume of up to 1.5 m3)
  • electrical safety
  • mechanical tests (sine, shock, random; impact force up to 1000 N sample weight up to 10 kg)
  • tests of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) (up to IP44)

The tests are implemented according to the national, international and industry standards and regulations or according to individual programs of the customer.


Accredited by the Federal Accreditation Agency. Our calibration laboratory has all the necessary contemporary reference samples for implementing the tests. The lab carries out primary calibration and periodic verification of measurement equipment of approved types according to approved calibration procedures.

Using own facilities in production testing and calibration helps to increase the quality and reliability of the produced devices, to reduce production prime cost, lead time and production time.


Tests and measurement are carried out for electrical installation up to 1000 V and above:

  • insulation tests with high voltage up to 10 kV of power frequency for electrical equipment and its parts
  • insulation tests with high direct voltage up to 10 kV of power frequency for electrical equipment and its parts, power cables
  • insulation resistance test for electrical equipment and power cables with voltage up to 1000 V and above
  • measuring of direct current resistance for parts of electrical equipment
  • measuring of no-load losses and no-load current
  • measuring of conduction current of nonlinear resistor arresters and high-voltage surge arresters with voltage up to 1000 V and above
  • testing of safeguards used in electrical installations
  • checking of circuit between earthing device and grounded elements
  • checking of circuit «phase-neutral» in electrical installations on voltage up to 1000 V with solid grounded neutral
  • resistance measuring of earthing devices
  • checking of releaser operation of micro circuit breakers in power grids with operating voltage up to 1000 V
  • checking of residual current devices (RCD), differential switches


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