It is an automatic control system of steam turbine on active power, steam pressure, position of regulating turbine valves, the frequency in the power system, as well as the signal devices of the blocking, general and power system levels in normal and emergency operating modes of the power unit and electric power system.

This software and hardware suite provides an automatic frequency and power control in normal and in emergency operating modes of a power unit and of an electric power system. It can be used for all kinds of steam turbines to ensure participation of power units in primary and secondary frequency and power control. The system supports controller, measurement and management equipment redundancy and constantly runs diagnostics of the state of the individual elements and management paths of the actuating mechanisms.

Equipment system structure*

  • Control cabinet based on PLC REGUL R600 (R600)
  • Power cabinet
  • Drives control cabinet (s)
  • Operator workstation (s)
  • A set of sensors and actuators

* Equipment structure is specified for a particular

Main functions

  • Power and direct steam pressure control  with frequency correction in the power system (AWS)
  • Regulation of direct steam pressure before turbine
  • Turbine protection from inappropriate reducing of steam pressure in the unit with the nominal or sliding steam pressure
  • Implementation of the regulatory regime with a rolling direct steam pressure
  • Control of the turbine regulating valves at the power unit electrical discharges load with shutdown and without disconnecting generator from the network
  • Control of regulatory and isolation turbine valves in case of enhanced values of frequency and acceleration of the turbine rotor
  • Light and sound alarm management
  • Short-term and long-term accident protection power unit unloading with subsequent restoration of power to the original value based on the signals from the emergency control under the terms of providing dynamic and static stability

System specifications

  • Deep system diagnostics
  • 100 % redundancy (including RTU modules)
  • Formation of control actions within 10 ms
  • Protection from giving false control signals
  • Archive storage with 10 ms, 100 ms and 1 second cycles
  • Implementation of control channels hot backup for 20 ms
  • Urgent replacement of modules
  • Demanding operation conditions
  • MTBF (mean time between failures) at least 100,000 hours